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5 Tips To Help You Find Joy

With over 70% of the population claiming to be experiencing on-going stress at a level that is affecting both their

, I thought “one more post on stress reduction certainly wouldn’t hurt!”

I would first like to normalize stress. A certain level of stress will always be in our lives, in fact it’s an important part of our growth. Just like we need to stress our muscles to gain strength, as it is in our lives for us to have the resilience to move forward to our next phases.

The key with stress is to recognize when it’s helpful and unhelpful and what’s in and is not in our control and to practice acceptance, patience and self love when necessary.

Because most of us have so much stress naturally in our lives, it becomes necessary to set an intention for joy. We need to purposefully seek out pockets of our day that we can feel safe, have fun, relax and enjoy life.

And that looks different for everyone!

Some tips on how to find your joy are:

  • Recognize WHO brings joy to your life and connect with them more often and/or go on a mission to find people who do that.

  • Start paying attention to WHAT naturally makes you smile and think of ways to have more of that in your day.

  • We all have times throughout the day when we feel better than at other points, keep track of WHEN that is and see if you can use that time of natural good energy and enhance it by using it to create more great energy

  • WHERE do you enjoy to go? Is there a place that makes you feel good, it has good vibes for you? For example, Chapters book store always puts me in a good mood.

  • Finally, you guessed it, get really curious about WHY all of these people, places, things or activities bring you joy. By doing some investigation about the underlying currents of how you feel and why, new ideas and opportunities will flow to you that will add to your happiness.

for more stress reduction tip check out they have a free 30 day mindfulness challenge that can help start right now to get you on the path to more ease and contentment.

Remember, is not about eliminating stress and feeling bad, it’s about creating an intention to feel better more often. Life naturally has waves, it ebbs and flows, but how you ride them is up to you.

With love,

Coach Stephanie

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