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The Full(ish) Story


If you've gotten this far, I'm assuming you're curious about 

how I got here...

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Hi. I'm Stephanie Russell-Jacobs, and I would love to share a turning point in my life with you.


In 2008 I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, and during a trip to Toronto for Redken Artist training, I sat in a program that changed my life. 

In one activity shared by a coach, I made the mental shift that I needed to leave that relationship for the final time. It awakened me to the possibility that information, when applied, can be life-changing, and my trajectory shifted instantly.

I knew I wanted to do the same for as many people as possible: I wanted to be—a coach.

Fifteen years later, in 2020, no longer able to ignore what my heart wanted, I changed careers from a full-time hairstylist to a psychological safety facilitator and coach. I am dedicated to service providers and leaders who want to reduce fear, frustration and anxiety and prioritize their well-being.


It is my belief that every person who decides to take radical responsibility for their own

emotional and mental health,

creates a ripple effect that has no bounds.


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I am creative and love to share the message of prioritizing well-being through many avenues. 

What lights me up most is facilitating

small or large groups through psychological safety, mindfulness, protecting their energy, boosting confidence, reducing anxiety and fear,

and raising emotional flexibility.

Studies show that the more

well-versed an individual is on these subjects,

the more likely they are to thrive;

I know this from experience after using

these skills to overcome

a diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder, complex trauma and deep-rooted

self-esteem issues. 

I'm on a special mission as of late;

through my 18 years of experience

working closely with clients as a hairstylist,

I know what challenges salon owners

and service providers face in navigating

the daily activities and stresses the industry brings. I've also seen the decline in salon teams,

and I know how essential teamwork is in

achieving success for both the salon

and the service providers

(a team will outperform an individual any day).

As a result, I created Psychologically Safe Service, a program designed to help salons and service providers thrive in today's emotionally demanding and draining environment. I'm excited to share it more in 2023.

I'm obsessed with sharing these topics,

and I do that through

1-on-1 and group coaching programs. 

My greatest joy comes when I have the opportunity to create programs for organizations that prioritize well-being. If you'd like to work with me in either of these ways, follow the link below and let's create something fun just for you!

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My Qualifications include:


Global REDKEN Artist


Elite Curly Hair Specialist

Certified Confidence Coach


A.C.T. Certified Coach


Tony Robbins University Graduate


Master-Level Mindfulness Practitioner 


Trauma and Diversity Informed


Reiki Level III Practitioner


Certified Psychological Safety

Leader and Champion

Stephanie Russell-Jacobs and her dog Winston

I live on the most easterly point of Canada, on a large island called Newfoundland, with my husband Rob and the love of my life, an english mastiff named Winston . 

Outside of loving my work, I also enjoy dancing, singing (whether I'm good or not depends on who's listening), reading, writing (my obsession with coloured pens has reached hoarder level), a beautiful view and very deep,

very woo woo conversations....oh and snacks, I love snacks.




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