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Why do keep I writing these damn blogs?

I don’t always find it easy to write a blog post, or to come up with content in general, for that matter.

I wonder, “who the hell will want to read this?” “Why does what I say matter?” Or “who am I to think I can teach anyone anything, what gives me the right?”

And then I write anyway.

I write because maybe, just maybe, someone does read it.

Maybe one of these sentences will matter to them.

Why wouldn’t this info be as valuable to them as it has been to me?

Very little, if any, of what I write or talk about is an original thought. It’s all the info I’ve been consuming for decades from the various teachers, mentors and coaches that have had an impact on me, and then I regurgitate it.

But that’s the beauty of knowledge, no matter who delivers it, there’s very little new information, what is new ishow it’s delivered!

What any of us has to say is important because our viewpoint creates a new perspective and this is how the messages evolve and, therefore, we evolve!

I’ve been an educator for a global haircare brand for nearly two decades and I’ve attended and taught hundreds of programs and NOT ONE of them has been identical.

Even if the info and the facilitator is the same, the way the info comes out is different each time.

This is why it’s so important to keep sharing the information. One day it may come out in a way that the consumer/attendee/student will have an “AHA” moment that may change the way they view the world forever.

Every individual voice is important, everyone of us adds to the collective growth of our species, just by having our own perspectives, our unique way of viewing the world.

This is why it’s so important to share!

It’s why I put all self-doubt aside and I keep posting. I never know who’s life might be changed, even just a fraction, because I chose to share my unique viewpoint.

If you have a message you want to share but have been holding back, SAY IT!!! There’s someone out there waiting to hear it in a way only you can deliver.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say you already are impacting lives just by being you. So if you feel the need to do it on a larger scale, do it!

Whether that means speaking up in the next staff meeting, voicing your opinion at a dinner party or posting a video on social, what you have to say matters. The world needs your voice.

If it feels like I’m talking directly to you, it’s because I am, you’re who this blog post is for, you’re why I keep showing up.

In the words of motivational speaker Lisa Nichols;

“Speak up, even if your voices shakes”.

And if you need a coach in your corner, I’m here for you.

Love and light to you,


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