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That’s not how I saw it...

Have you ever heard someone recalling an event and what they observed is not the same as what you remember?

This happens all of the time! There can be two people witnessing the same event and yet experiencing it completely differently.

Whenever this happens, I’m amazed at how complicated it is to get to the “truth”. If it was the same event, how can the recollection be different? And who’s account is the real version and who’s imagined?

There are many reasons for varying stories but ultimately it comes down to our past, aka every moment leading up to that moment and then every moment leading up to the recollection.

The way we interpret the world and everything around us is directly linked to our thoughts, actions, and behaviours.

The individual point of view we each have is a combination of many variables which include our attitudes, interests, past experiences, preferences, cultural background and beliefs of right or wrong. Add to this the fact that our point of view is also constantly changing and evolving as we age.

These are just a few of the factors that can affect how we perceive an event and most of them were not consciously chosen by us, they were imposed upon us in childhood.

So why does this matter?

I believe it’s very important! This is a huge component as to why differences of opinion aka disagreements aka war 🤯 happen.

Bonus!!! The solution to war, PEACE, happens at the micro level; within ourselves!!! Yes , you and me, we have the power to change our world.

When we recognize that every one of us sees the world through a different lens, it gives us the opportunity to drop the labels of right and wrong, and to stop taking things as personal.

When we get clear about the stories that we tell ourselves and where they come from, it gives us a better understanding of ourselves and of those around us as well.

It’s that understanding that helps with tolerance, forgiveness and mutual respect, just to name a few. All of these are needed to create a world with less division and less hate.

With self-awareness, not only will we be better at recounting events without the added storyline, or the need to take sides, we also become better people to be around in general.

Bonus!!! The better we know our own storyline, the more we can appreciate ourselves 🙌.

This ultimately leads to higher contentment individually and, that in-and-of itself, is simply beautiful. If I’m in a constant state of contentment, I become less likely to be triggered by outside events and therefore not adding to the drama that we are currently marinating in (hello COVID-19 🦠).

There are many ways that we can achieve greater levels of self-awareness and I love sharing them during coaching sessions or on insta lives (Wednesdays at 5:30 pm est 😜 @stephanierussellcoach) but the number one tool I use is 🥁....journaling.

With the right prompts, journaling is like a mini therapy/enlightenment course and can provide the clarity we are constantly searching for.

If you’d like some additional info on how to be even more fulfilled and to learn how you can add even more peace within this world, email me, I love having these discussions and I look forward to hearing from you 💕

You are love, loved and beloved,

Your friend always,


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