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I’m sorry Mother.

It’s funny because this blog post was going to be about everyday hypocrisy but that specific topic will have to go into the reserves for a future blog post.

We are a few hours from Earth Day and that seemed more appropriate.

I’m not sure how a woman who doesn’t recycle consistently, who drives a SUV (definitely not the new electric Hummer 🛌 💭) has shoes and clothes she’s never worn, and who hoards cosmetics and note books, AKA a consumerism princess👸.

What gives me the right to celebrate Earth Day?

I guess it’s not really about celebrating Earth Day for me as much as it’s an apology.

I have spent years not necessarily worrying about the planet, it’s not like I didn’t care, it’s just that it wasn’t my focus. I was kind of like an ostrich in the sand, didn’t want to know how bad the situation was. But ignorance is not bliss it’s dangerous, especially in the scenarios find ourselves in with our planet.

Why I decided to write about this subject is because I don’t feel aligned with materialism anymore, when I purchase things without having a specific purpose for it, buy too many of something, or throw something out, a feeling of guilt washes over me.

The more I get in touch with my deeper self and the more connected I feel to everyone and everything around me, the less I can distance myself from what’s happening to Mother Nature and my part in it.

It hurts me too and I am sorry.

When I see garbage during my morning nature walks, it makes me sad and when I think about everything that consumerism is doing to damage this beautiful planet we share, all I can think is ‘what can be done to reverse it?’

The solution seems too overwhelming, nearing impossible but my eternal optimism won’t allow that thought to resonate. The vastness and intricacies of this solution is what originally stopped me from even trying, it was too much so I did nothing.

Through consistent and never-ending personal development, I’ve seen how lasting change works, and it’s not from jumping all in and changing life completely in an instant, that’s too hard and the brain puts the brakes on.

Lasting change is created in the 2 mm shift, so for now I’ve resolved to consistent recycling and to picking up litter on my morning walks. It’s not much and it’s not perfect but I won’t let that, or my feelings of shame for not doing more, stop me from taking even the smallest of actions to help.

If every single individual did this (instead of the small army that does already 🙏), this planet would change dramatically in a relatively short time.

I also have high hopes that what we’ve done to “advance” ourselves as a human race and, as such, how we’ve damaged the planet for our own short term gains, will now be the future generations hero’s journey.

They will amend their ancestors mistakes.

This hope has been cemented in me from observing young people picking up garbage without coaxing, recycling and, best of all, I’ve seen a young child stand up and say something when he noticed that an adult didn’t use those facilities properly.

I am optimistic that the next generation has, and will, learn from us and that they will do their very best to reverse what has been done.

I know not everybody shares this view and I have no proof to back up my belief but what is known is that if nothing is done to put the brakes on consumerism and wastefulness, as it is right now, then it will be the end of our Mother and, therefore ourselves.

On a side note: How intuitive is it that we call her Mother Nature or Mother Gaia? It is so fitting! What other being would watch as her children destroy their own home, take her for granted, hurt her physically, kill her other children and still love them unconditionally?

There is no love like a mothers love for mothers don’t need love in order to give love. So on this Earth Day, I thank you Mother Gaia for continuing to love us through it.

Even though I am not always kind to you, I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

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