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How you can make big decisions confidently and easily!

Have you ever found yourself committing to things impulsively?

Or making impulsive decisions and feeling anxiety, or regret, because you’re not sure it was the right choice to make.

Or when you spend all of that time and brain power and still can’t make a decision for fear of making the wrong one 🤯

What if I could share a tool to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities that could lead to you living your best life.

What is this magic weapon you ask?

Well, before I share that tidbit, allow me to share a little background story...

Since march 2020, Im sure my husband thinks impulsive should be my new name 🤣

...and It may look that way from the outside (I’m expecting to walk into a family “meeting” any day now 😂😂😂) but it actually is me simply using my intuition and choosing to live my life fully and with intent.

It is helping me make fast decisions with confidence.

☝️along with having a very clear life outcome in my mind, which we will discuss on a separate blog as I believe it’s profound.

Intuition is a skill I’ve been developing and oh boy! has it ever enriched my life!!!

So, when the offer came up to have a reiki session with @angela_spiritual_lifecoach (highly recommend) and then I found out that she was offering a course on it, I quickly ran down my list...

1) Does it excite me? I need to feel it in my body and since excitement and fear feel a lot alike in the nervous system, I see both as a stroke on the pro list.

Side note: I’d love to talk about the positive benefits of fear someday soon 🥸

2) will it enrich my life?

Spiritually, mentally or physically?

(Next step, to find more balance between these I may need an updated list 🧐)

3) Will it help my mission move forward, based on my desired life outcome? Or Will it help me to make more of an impact?

4) what would my 80-year-old-self advice me to do?

Using my intuition plus grounding it with the above qualifying questions, helps me to say yes (and no) to a lot of the things, confidently!

  1. reiki definitely excites and interests me

  2. I have no doubt that practicing reiki will enrich my life in all three aspects

  3. It will help me to make more of an impact because, by incorporating reiki into my daily routine, I’ll be serving from a place of balance and love

  4. My 80-year-old-self said “Go for it”

As you can see it’s easy to make an in formed decision quickly when you know the right questions to ask yourself!!! You can start using it today.

Not sure about your life mission or desired life outcome? Stayed tuned to future blog posts or hit me up for coaching, it’s life changing!

Imagine feeling confident about making a decision without spending hours, days or weeks, debating.

Bonus! now that I’ve had the appropriate reiki attunements, I’m excited to see how well I can develop that sixth sense muscle and how much I can then share with you 👏

💪 like most things in life, intuition and reiki need practice to get stronger so I’ll have to do an update blog after I’ve had some time to use it........and a few in between if something interesting comes up 🤷‍♀️🙈

If you are enjoying these blogs I would love for you to become a member of WAVE. You’ll get updates when there is new content. Hint....FEB will have something HUGE coming up....too soon 😜

in the comments below, what impulsive decisions have you made or what opportunities have you missed out on in the past? Or what set of questions help you to make decisions?

💝 Light 💫, love 💗and wisdom 🙏

You are love,



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