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Hey, what’s different about you?

I got asked this question the other day by a regular client of mine and I laughed. For me this affirmed that there was a shift within me that was noticeable to others.

It could have been the smile on my face, the cat that got the mouse kind of grin, it could have been the lightness in my step or maybe she could feel the (unusually) calm state I was in. All because I had a huge breakthrough.

Before I get into the details I feel like I should forewarn you, there may be some reference to some “woo woo” topics, and it may get deep. This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with faith.

Faith is defined as the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. The faith I fould in “someone” was in myself and my journey, the “something” is the oneness of the universe and the internal love that is within all of us.

This all-consuming faith came to me during a segment of Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” where we were led through exercises that helped us to uncover the limiting beliefs that were holding us back from leading our lives how we truly want, to finally have a life unleashed by the stories that keep us “small”.

I dug REALLY deep and I uncovered that I had a belief that if I was to be successful in my coaching business and if I made an abundant income, I would lose love from the people I care about. That money=greed and greediness is unworthy.

When I disected this “story”, I realized that this belief ran deep, I had an inner script going that said “if you accumulate more money than you need, it is unfair to those who don’t have enough”.

To some, this may seem reasonable and maybe even noble, I certainly thought so! But the darker side of this is the idea the money=greed and greediness is unloveable, and we all crave love, at least I certainly do.

There are several other issues with it and when I was force to examine it, I uncovered many holes in this belief.

First of all, I know many people who make a large income annually and they are incredible people, very generous and joyful.

Secondly, this is an example of scarcity mindset at it’s best. To believe this would mean that I would have to believe that the more money I make, the more money I “take” from others. When I break this down, it goes directly against another one of my beliefs; that there is enough “pie” for everyone, the only limit to how much each of us can accumulate is directly linked to what we believe is possible.

Also, the idea that I would be “taking” from others is absurd when I think on it. The whole point of me putting my coaching out there is to HELP PEOPLE!!! I love helping people to do this very thing, to question their programming and to see how it holds them back from living their most fulfilling life. I want to make a massive positive impact in my lifetime and the bi-product will be abundant income. I can then use this income to donate to the many charities that I hold dear, or maybe even start my own foundation.

...Wow, this whole idea of money being evil is really starting to sound silly!!!

Ultimately, what saddened me the most was the fact that I was afraid of success. The deep-rooted fear was that if I was to achieve my ultimate dream life, then I would be on the receiving end of more haters than I could handle. I was disappointed when I realized that for the majority of my life, I have bent over backwards in order to be liked by everyone, which of course was futile, energy draining and often backfired. People can see through our motives and they know when we are genuinely interested in them or if we are just looking to “win them over”. And this is where the BIG BREAKTHROUGH came to me.....

I don’t need to look for love 💗, the love I’m looking for is within me, it’s within all of us. WE ARE ALL LOVE!!! We came into this world with everything we need inside of us, we just forget it as we go.

Think about it...each one of us is extremely special, too special to be a mistake. For example, in order for us to be here our great great great great grandmother had to meet our great great great grandfather and then each set of great great great grandparents and so on and so on . The probability of either of us existing at all comes out to 1 in 102,685,000 — yes, that's a 10 followed by 2,685,000 zeroes! The odds of you being alive are basically zero according to How can that be a coincidence? 🤯🤯🤯

The stories we are told throughout our lives by our families, communities, and these days, social media, about who we should be and how we should behave, start to bury this “knowing”.

What I discovered during the Tony Robbins training was a miracle for me, I now have faith, a certainty that we are connected by love, that this love is never ending, it can be found within us at any point and that when we tap into this love, we are our best selves and we see the best in people. When we open our hearts and feel this, there is no criticism, no hate, no jealousy, no judgement, no shame, no self-doubt, no fear; those emotions and thoughts cannot survive in the light of love. What is left is a feeling of connectedness, joy, peace and beautiful contentment, doesn’t that sound amazing? 🥳

Best of all, when in this “love state” we are able to be our most creative and the results are from our best selves. I found that the ideas stream in with such force and frequency that it’s hard to keep up 😂, and here’s where it may get a little woo woo for some, the ideas don’t come from within, they are “downloaded” from somewhere. They flow through in a gush of knowing from a place that has always been there and will always be, from the Source of all life and all eternity. I can’t truly explain how I know this, I just do.

Your download is waiting for you as well.

Since that Saturday evening, just over a week ago, I have done my best to keep this love state going, yet it has slipped away at times, old thinking and emotional patterns sneak in. The great news is, I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is always there, waiting for me to come back love 💗 and I also know that it is part of my mission to find ways to come back to it so I can help others do the same.

If you are curious about how you can create this feeling and faith within you, check out last weeks blog post where you will find several of the techniques that I’ve used, and in case you’re worried, no commitment or conversion is necessary to participate 😜 and if you would like help to uncover the root of your limiting beliefs, I would love to coach you through it, you can send me an email, I’ll be waiting for it 😘

With all of my love,


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