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Hello my familiar friend,

Your well known thoughts come rushing in,

They twist my belly, they sink my heart,

And from this moment, I begin to part.

For when you come I get pulled down,

In your waves, I begin to drown.

All thats around me becomes distant and fades,

You demand my attention as you start your parade.

From death and destruction, to failure and pain,

You show me everything I hope never to gain.

Each vision so vivid, each pulls on my strings,

I become sick with worry that these thoughts will turn things.

This show is familiar as I watch it play out,

It fills me with dread, I’m paralyzed by doubt.

All of these flashes are so vivid and clear

They’re all the things that may come, the ones I must fear.

But this time is different, I see who you are,

You are here to prepare me for dangers near and far.

But no one knows the future, it’s not ours to see

And when you come around, I cannot be free.

I know you mean well, your intentions are pure

But a friendship like this, is hard to endure.

For this present moment is all that is real

And when I am in it, it’s peace that I feel.

I can no longer hold you, I must ask you to leave

And all of your stories, I no longer believe.

I’m sorry old friend, you’re not welcome to play

For it is now, in this moment, I choose to stay.

The world around me is calling “engage with me”

In her light there is love, it’s everywhere to see.

So I breathe in this moment and let you go with a sigh

And to you, my old friend, I must now say “goodbye

If this speaks to you, we are one.

Light and love to you,


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