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A letter to my EX...

Dear Ex,

I‘m writing this because I need you to know what you did...

When we met, I was naive and insecure and you were the typical ”bad boy”, dark and mysterious and you had eyes only for me. You made me feel like a princess, like the sexiest, most beautiful woman on earth. I felt worshipped and safe in knowing your dedication to me, and only me, secure in knowing you wanted to be with me alone. That’s why I jumped in, just like you knew I would.

It became toxic early but since you were my first boyfriend, I didn’t know the signs that would make most women run. You played on my sense of loyalty and you used my upbringing to shame me into feeling like “used goods”, like no one could love me now that I was no longer “pristine”. These messages came fairly early, they were so slight that they could be brushed off easily...but you could only hold back for so long. Soon the anger, the insults, and the objects came flying towards me.

Little did I know that it was addiction, I had no idea how far that would go. Eventually you would choose the drugs and alcohol over everything. And I need to say THANK YOU!!!

In the 7+ years we spent together, I had a lesson about life that would never had been available to me if I had stayed within my safe bubble. You taught me to see deception, lies, manipulation, and how it feels to be disrespected repeatedly. With each incident I hardened. I went from someone who saw the good in everyone to someone who could trust no one fully.

Through the turmoil, I matured and I accomplished more than I ever thought possible because I had nothing to fear, no one could hurt me more than you did. A diamond 💎 is formed under extreme pressure over a long period of time and with your

”love”, that’s what I became.

Please don’t mistake me, we are all born precious gems but without my time spent with you, I don’t believe I would be the same wonderful person I love today. You see after I left, I wasn’t sure I had anything left to give but I dug in, I did the work, I went within, I shed light on the dark sides of myself, I opened up to the help that’s available to us all (when we are open to receiving it). I discovered that you were not my first toxic relationship, I had a history of choosing friends who were not good for me and I’m not sure I would have recognized the pattern without you, it was too subtle. I would probably be in a passive-aggressive relationship to this day because that’s what I knew. I needed your kind of antidote to overcome it.

I’m so grateful that we came together because I’m now with a man who respects me, who’s my partner and who I get to be fully ME with. He supports me with my goals and desires and with him by my side, with the lessons I learned with you, and with my guardian angels, I have a story to share. I want to bring hope, I want people to knew that they are diamonds 💎 and that they can also come through it, they can heal and they can break the cycle too. I have come full circle and I now believe in the good in ALL people while keeping a close eye on what direction their feet are pointed. Thank you Ex for your help, my wisdom and judgement is beyond my years.

From everyone that I have or will help in the future from our story (I pray it’s widespread) I want to say THANK YOU and from one human being to another, you deserve love and I love you ❤️ and I release you 😘

from a place of love and light,


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Gregory Kennedy
Gregory Kennedy
Feb 16, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing your story, love, relationships, manipulation is so very hard to go through, but when your on the other side and you learn to reflect, this truly is one of life’s amazing lessons. You’ve truly earned where you are in life and the knowledge you pass on to others each and every day. I adore you ❤️

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